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Terms and Conditions

By booking or participating in The Travel Brewer’s Tour/Event, you agree to these Terms and Conditions:


Prices are fix at the time of booking and generally will not be subject to any surcharges, unless otherwise stated. The only exception will be an increase in our costs arising as the result of any government action including but not limited to, new or increased taxes such as vat.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Items included in the prices or rates of the products are specified in each tour packages. The company’s services will include only those indicated in the tour packages offered. Unless specifically indicated, other items, are not included in any tour cost.


Its a NO RESERVATION NO SLOT POLICY, NON REBOOKABLE, NON REFUNDABLE but TRANSFERRABLE. Balance will be collected on the event/tour date before the departure. In the event that the participant may have to transfer their slot to another person, a 3 business day notice is required, otherwise the reservation will be forfeited.

Special Requirements

Any kind of special requirements by participants must be disclosed at the time of reservation. Any food allergies, dietary restrictions, medical conditions, etc., must be disclosed to the company and the company will use a reasonable effort to accommodate special requirements/requests but is not always possible due to some factors to consider. You are responsible for assessing whether the tour is suitable for you. The company will not be held liable for any failure to accommodate or fulfill such requests as it do not form these term.

Rescheduling/ Cancellation

Rescheduling of Tour/Event can be done without prior notice due to a Force Majeure event (war, civil insurrection, strikes, volcanoes, extreme weather, earthquake or any natural disaster that makes it dangerous or impossible to safely undertake the tour). In the event that the participant will not be available on the rescheduled date, a full refund can be given.

Photos & Marketing

Images, photos & videos taken by The Travel Brewer in each tour/event can or maybe used for advertising and promotional purposes. Please let us know if we are not free to use photographs of you.