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The Travel Brewer is your Budget-friendly Travel and Tours. We focus on providing tours that will suit everyone’s budget and experience preference, from a traditional travel to once-in-a-lifetime experience. We provide quality tours at affordable prices. We create Tour Packages to combine joiners/solo or group that will allow us to bring each and every one to places they desire and get to experience a fun-filled, unforgettable tour together with new found friends within the group. We also cater Exclusive/Private Tours to help them reconnect w/their love ones, family and friends on a well deserve escapes and vacation of their lifetime.

We also have our Customized Travel. Personalizing their travel adventure wherein traveler can request or choose their dream destinations, put it in one package and voila! Your Best Travel Experience ever! We promise to provide the best we could offer to satisfy our clients as per their taste and need. For every kind of traveler there is, we would deliver the best value for their time and money and make their experience with us an exceptional one.

Our Story

jen_caberoThe Travel Brewer is founded by yours truly, Jen Cabero. This was inspired by my solo travels, being a joiner of group/events whose interest and passion is to experience life in a grander scale without breaking the bank.

As a budget-conscious traveler, its a dream come true for me that I’ll get to places i love on an inexpensive way and get more value for my money. I am determined, just like everyone else to experience the world that are out there for exploring. My urge to travel is not to spend my hard-earned money on fancy hotel or expensive food and deals but to know the most important things while traveling, friendships, memories, love, food, knowledge and a better perspective of who i am.

Now, i decided to launch this page to cater all “budgetarians” like me, whose dream is to see whats out there. I personally created events/tours that drives savings and efficiency. Solo traveler and group are all welcome. It will be my happiness and the pleasure will all be mine providing not just services that will suit every traveler financially but most importantly, to be able to fulfill their hearts desire.

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